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Three Things

3 things this last week (and something else).

1. I was on holiday 🌴

2. I was on holiday 🌴

3. I was on holiday 🌴

⭐️But what does a DPO/Privacy Consultant do in holiday?📣

📍Checks the hotel website. No it wasn’t cookie compliant (tut tut)

📍Check out the hotels Privacy Notice. It was a combination of cookies and Privacy. It was not bad tho.

📍Listens to people talking poolside, telling you all about their personal data, where they live, medical conditions and much more

📍Promised not to check any emails, but had a quick look when Mrs M wasn’t looking.

📍Looks constantly at LinkedIn and X and occasionally responds.

📍Reviewed a policy (it was a long day)

📍Took a TEAMs call with Ray (not a problem Ray is a great CEO and SIRO)

📍Contacted a colleague about a suspect email (it might be genuine tho)

📍Believe it or not, there were somethings I could not do (I didn’t have my laptop)

📍Read a book by Tim Moore. You are awful (but I like you) Travels through unloved Britain. Interesting take on Leysdown and Great Yarmouth.

📍Ate something that didn’t agree with me… spent sometime shouting “huweeee” into the toilet pan.

📍Slept a lot, and a lot more.

📍Ate more fruit in the week than I’ve eaten in 10 months of 2023.

📍Planned next holiday in December and most of next years.

📍I helped an old lady…… (not Mrs M)

📍One last thing….. the temp all week was between 21° and 24° (just 7° on arrival back at Stansted).

Be Safe

Be Honest


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