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3 Things this last week

1️⃣ So what’s been in my so called week as a privacy consultant? IAO training, Data Breach awareness training, Accelerated Access to Patient Records call, new business idea call with Tania Palmariellodiviney (MSc) and Sean, Webinar Tech check, webinar discussion with Andrew Harvey LLM FIRMS discussion with a social care network about training and webinars, set up a blog page on my website (thanks to Sean Palmariellodiviney, reviewed 3 DPIAs and a couple of polices, and reviewing a Data Protection Handbook. (All 101 pages). Lastly I want to mention a call about a possibility of speaking at a health congress in Paris next year. The call was with one Marie Penot Marie, you made not only my Friday but my week. Your love and passion for all things DP had me glowing with admiration. What I thought would be a 15 min call lasted an hour. A thank you to R T O’Brien for the intro, don’t forget to ask him about ‘Dancing’ at Mama Mia

2️⃣ As a Consultant I use QuickBooks to help with my accounts. A few weeks ago, something went wrong !!! I was worried because at the time my VAT returns was due….. the amount I was told to pay, nearly gave me a heart attach. Thankfully a call to QB soon had it sorted (very helpful customer service). This week, something else has appeared in QB invoices and again a VAT issue, looks like another call to the very nice customer service person. Wish me luck

3️⃣ I listened to the PMs comments/Statement about AI (sounded good) but at present it’s just words. We will seen how it works out over the coming months. Friends can I ask you to stay ‘original’ don’t be tempted to copy and paste chunks from ChatGPT, or Copilot. Type your own words and thoughts, even with all the bad grammar, and spelling mistakes, it will never be worse than mine……. stay HUMAN

Be Safe

Be Honest


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