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Data Protection Consultancy

True drivers of change

We support you with data protection by design and default processes and offer bespoke full Data Protection Compliance Packages, designed suit your business and needs.

Business Health Check

Independent objective review of your organisation data protection compliance posture

Data Analyst

Gap and Risk Analysis

Comparing current conditions and practices in order to identify gaps and areas of improvement and maximising your compliance by minimising risks.

Market Analysis

Records Management

Best practice, support, advice and guidance to esnure you fulfill your records management obligations.

Data Cloud

Desktop Excercises

Exercises for a range data protection scenarios based on your organasitation's needs to ensure maximum compliance. 

Desktop Workspace

Cyber Security

We support you with your Cyber Security Assurance needs and offer bespoke compliance packages, from business health checks and risk assessments to infrastructure reviews and vulnerability scanning.

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Policy Review

Comprehensive policy reviews to take an in depth look at existing policies to ensure their effectiveness and that appropriate education, monitoring and implementation is occurring.


Data Protection Security Toolkit reviews

Ensuring that personal information is kept safe protecting your business from the risk of a data breach or a cyber attack.

Analyzing the data

Incident Data Breach Management

Ensuring that proper systems are in place to obtain,  manage,  process  and  store  all  data  in  compliance with the General Data Protection 

Regulations (GDPR) and correct procedures and processes are in plance to deal with Data Breaches.

Analyzing Data

ROPA Compliance

Ensuring that your organization can view the scope of its data collection activities in a single place through development of a ROPA compliance map.

Business Meeting

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